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Design exhibition, raise awareness, promotion Spanish creativity.

Expo Delta is an exhibition that presents a journey through five decades of industrial design in Spain, using the Delta Awards, which have been handed out since 1961 by the ADI-FAD (Association of Industrial Design – Fostering Arts and Design), as its common thread.

The major drive behind the ADI-FAD’s activities since its creation has been the Delta Awards, given in recognition of the work done by industrial designers and manufacturers. From the outset, the Delta Awards’ objective has been to support and showcase excellence in the design and production of industrial objects in Spain, at a time when there were few companies collaborating with designers in the development of their products.

In the last two editions, the Delta Awards have expanded their remit to include any product sold in the national market, even if it has been designed and produced abroad. In this way, the Delta Awards have acquired an international dimension that reflects the reach of their reputation, while demonstrating the ability of our design to compete in an increasingly global market.

In collaboration with ADI-FAD, CDA is working to expand the Expo Delta map, through exhibitions on an international scale.

Expo Delta


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