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DIA - Design Institute Amman

DIA - Design Institute Amman is a Jordanian institute serving the region, created to upgrade the design skills and capabilities of regional professionals to enhance the competitiveness of regional businesses through design.

CDA was commissioned by DIA to develop some aspects of the education agenda, content management and communication with international experts, based on DIA’s needs and expectations.

CDA developed the content for 6 workshops, contacting the most appropriate experts, in keeping with our criteria, to take on the task of leading and developing the workshops in Amman, Jordan.

The workshops were as follows:

  • Furniture Design - Maria Ruiz
  • Packaging Design - Borja Martinez
  • Re-branding Design - Raul Goñi
  • Interior Design 1 - Carmello Zapulla
  • Interior Design 2 - Nacho Toripio
  • Furniture Design - Jan Bayo

CDA is proud to support DIA as a new and needed design education centre in the region.