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CDA Programs

Since 2009, Creative Dialogue Association has been dedicated to devising, developing and implementing programs related to creative human capital development in the creative industries fields.

CDA programs involve creative technical capacity building, research on creative industries, international and regional promotion for creatives, creative knowledge transfer and sharing experience.

For CDA, there are no boundaries in relation to the disciplines it approaches and the territories where it works, as long as creativity is involved. With its activities and programmes, CDA aims to act as an engine for the transformation of social, economic and human relationships by empowering the creative scene in the society.

CDA Programs help to:

  • Raising awareness of the importance of the creative economy and its outstanding role in the sustainable, cultural, social and economic development of regions everywhere.
  • Encouraging international cooperation, knowledge exchange, promotion and international dissemination of cultural and creative goods.
  • Investing in human capital to achieve sustainable development.
  • Fostering creative diversity, thus promoting the cultural identity of local creative products.
CDA programs

CDA Programs