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Capacity building lab, international shadowing program, online coaching, local and international promotion, production grants.

Design Road Professional is a six-month-long programme that helps launch the careers of emerging designers and artists from different disciplines on an international scale and standards.

Young emerging designers will be guided through a tailor-made creative and technical lab to develop their own design pieces or collections. The designers are given the chance to participate in design trips, workshops, seminars, shadowing programmes and on-line coaching programmes with first-class international designers and creative minds.

Design Road Professional Dubai is the first of these programmes to have been implemented: four emerging designers from Dubai participate in the programme, which takes place between Dubai, London and Barcelona. Participants attend three of the most important design events: London Design Week, Barcelona Design Week and Dubai Design Days.


By participating in the programme, designers can benefit from:

  • Networking with the best designers, suppliers, galleries, design schools and producers in the visited cities.
  • Gaining inspiration by attending the design weeks and activities.
  • Taking advantage of the opportunity to gain access to exclusive professional shadowing sessions with senior design instructors.
  • Creating a platform for design discussions between young designers and the international design scene.
  • Evaluating the local design scene and working on creating their own design identity.


Designer: Khalid Shafar

Design Name: Zoo

Dimensions: 1720mm wide, 1720mm high, 250mm deep.

Weight: 75kg

Material: Metal square-tube structure & inflatable animal toys.

Concept: ‘Zoo’ is a self supporting shelving unit which acts as a screen or a space divider in which the inflatable animal toys have been ordered in a specific manner creating compartments to display items. The inspiration behind this piece comes from Dubai Zoo, one of those edutainment places which every child remembers as part of a school trip. The outer frame structure defines the dimensions of the whole unit, designed in a similar way to an animal cage, whilst the smaller frames create the inner display compartments.

Designer: Zeinab Alhashemi

Design Name: Palindromic Hexagons (373)

Dimensions: 2100mm x 2100mm

Weight: 15kg

Material: Aluminium, LED strip light

Concept: ‘Palindromic Hegaxons (373)’ is a sculptural light designed employing refined techniques traditionally used by local craftsmen. The design consists of a modern piece of joinery exploring different ways of assembling parts together by using metal fish-strap strings (Gargour), creating hexagonal shapes each sliced into six triangles. Depending on the arrangement, multiple modular patterns are possible.

Designer: Salem Al-Mansoori

Design Name: Paratable

Dimensions: 550mm wide, 270mm high, 550mm deep

Weight: 3.5kg

Material: Resin

Concept: ‘Paratable’ is a parametrically-designed, portable table/decorative object. The design is intended to be a conceptual exploration of an algorithmically-aided design process. The inspiration behind the piece is process-driven: how to use a generative, parametric process to design and develop a coffee table. Aesthetically, the design is largely geometric, polygon-based. The design is modular, pattern-oriented, with a rational and structural appearance. The production process was largely experimental; it involved the design of an algorithm to generate a multitude of shapes that were edited, narrowed down and refined into a functional side-table prototype.

Designer: Aljoud Lootah

Design Name: Unfolding Unity

Dimensions: 500mm wide, 707mm high, 500mm deep

Weight: 5kg

Material: Ash wood

Concept: ‘Unfolding Unity’ is a stool based on the creation of an object with unified harmonious factors that make it recognizable; an object with a visual structure focusing on the construction of complex geometric patterns produced in a simplified way. The stool is a symmetrical subdivision of a plane which highlights the intricately intertwined segments referring to infinity, consisting of various geometric segments and straight edges forming a classic constructed Arabesque motif when viewed from the above.


Design Road Pro - Dubai 2013 - Khalid Shafar

Design Road Pro - Dubai 2013 - Aljoud Lootah

Design Road Pro - Dubai 2013 - Salem Al Mansoon

Design Road Pro - Dubai 2013 - Khalid Shafar

Design Road Pro - Dubai 2013 - Zeinab Al Hashemi

Design Road Pro - Dubai 2013 - Salem Al Mansoori

Design Road Pro - Dubai 2013 - Zeinab Al Hashemi

Design Road Pro - Dubai 2013 - Zeinab Al Hashemi

Design Road Pro - Dubai 2013 - Salem Al Mansoori

Design Road Pro - Dubai 2013 - Khalid Shafar

Design Road Pro - Dubai 2013 - Aljoud Lootah



CDA is proud to be associated with the following organizations, foundations, institutions as partners and sponsors, Thank you for your generous support.


Salem Al Mansooi

Computational artist and designer.

Khaled Shafar

Furniture and product designer

Aljoud Lootah

Graphic and multidisciplinary designer

Zeinab Al Hashemi

Visual Artist.


Dr. Viviana Narotzky

President of ADI-FAD, the Spanish Industrial Design Association, Barcelona.

Samer Yamani

President and Founder of CDA Creative Dialogue Association, Barcelona.

María Ruíz Ulibarri

Senior Designer and Production Manager at Lagranja Design Studio, Barcelona.

Khalil Abdulwahid

Visual Arts Manager, Dubai Culture & Arts Authorit.

Khalid Mezaina

Project Coordinator & graphic designer at Tashkeel, Dubai.