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DURAR, Innovation in Cultural Heritage

What is DURAR?

DURAR is an international research and educational program that aims to foster innovation and creativity in cultural heritage, responding to local needs and realities. Through a customized two days program of activities, such as seminars, round tables and workshops, DURAR guides the process of knowledge exchange, skills development and industry advocacy, DURAR's activities are adapted to the local context tackles variety of topics & workshops related to local needs and development perspectives.


In this time of unprecedented change and increased resource constraints worldwide, the potential of the creative industries as a driver of socio-economic development is significant. Recognizing this, DURAR offers a platform to cultivate new approaches for economic diversification and human capital development in collaboration with local and international supporters and partners.

We are looking for you creative people!

The role of local and international creatives is essential in preserving the heritage weaving cultural narratives through their works, exploring local recourses and innovative methods of production contributing to the shaping of national and individual identities. A core component of DURAR’s program centers on youth development and women’s empowerment. Over 60 international and local experts from 15 nationalities were involved in our activities in many cities.

Get to know more about our amazing and creative experts! you can also see their stories in our video library, here you have some

DURAR program is structured around different topics that are discussed through seminars, round tables or workshops, such as:

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Get to know more about our amazing and creative experts! You can also see their stories in our video library.

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Samer Yamani - Durar Barcelona

Giuseppe Moscatello_ Durar Barcelona

Joan Alvarez_Casablanca

Christian Rost - CEO Feldstaerken - Germany

Durar - Algeria - 2014- Fred Butler - Creative Director, What are the needs of Algerian designers?

Durar - Tunis - 2014 -What are the challenges of the Tunisian designers to develop their work?

Mohamed Hachicha - Director of the National Ceramic Art Center - Tunis

Samir Toumi

Mouza Almatrooshi-Durar Barcelona

Africa, Europa, Latin America Caucasus, we’ve been traveling and meeting amazing people all around, Check our stories in these cities.

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We are so grateful and proud to be associated with the following organizations, foundations, institutions as partners and sponsors, Thank you for your generous support.

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We were so privileged to collaborate with these amazing creative minds!

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Isabelle Busnel

Founder & Senior Designer at Isable Busel - London

Fred Butler

Designer - London

Piotr Rybaczek

Founder & Director of La Basilica Gallery – Barcelona

Samer Yamani

Founder of Samer Yamani design studio.